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How to Advertise a Job

To post an actuarial job on the CIA's website, please send your ad in Microsoft Word format to:

Nathan Pilbrow,
Coordinator, Digital Marketing
E-mail: nathan.pilbrow@cia-ica.ca
Phone : 613-236-8196 ext. 155

  • All online actuarial job ads are published on the CIA's website in a classified format.
  • All ads must be for specific positions and be targeted towards actuarial employment. We will not accept ads that are generic, and the CIA reserves the right to reject any ads that are deemed inappropriate.
  • All ads are published in the language(s) submitted. The CIA does not provide translation service for ads.
  • We will send you your ad in classified format for your approval.
  • Advertising in the Online Actuarial Jobs Bank costs $595 (plus 13% HST) for each position, for a 30-day period.
  • We must receive payment before we will post your ad.
  • Please allow up to five working days for your approved ad to be posted.
  • During the 30 days that your ad is posted on the website, we will also include notice of your job posting in the CIA’s email announcements to members.


To advertise in the (e)Bulletin, please contact Kim Davies at our publishers, Naylor.

Click below to view current ads in the jobs bank: