Enterprise Risk Management 2019: The New Wave of Risks


As actuaries, we are in the business of risk and uncertainty – we estimate it, model it, analyze it, and assess it. Depending on our appetite, we either accept it, manage it, mitigate it, or try to eliminate it altogether. Doing nothing is generally not an option.

Enterprise Risk Management 2019: The New Wave of Risks explores the new and emerging topics taking centre stage in today’s world of risk management. Written by subject matter experts, both actuaries and non-actuaries, this seven-part series provides a glimpse into the universe of risk.

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ArticleLegalization of cannabis and the effects on the life insurance industry in Canada
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ArticleAlgorithms gone wild
ArticleClimate change and Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry
Article“Are we there yet?” Advancing your organization’s ERM capability to the next level of maturity
ArticleHow ERM creates value in a pension planComing soon
ArticleCyber: financial and insurance threat landscapeComing soon
ArticleBuilding a strong risk cultureComing soon