About Us

Eligibility and Education Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To develop and enforce eligibility and qualification requirements for enrolment in the CIA;
  2. To develop, deliver, and maintain the CIA’s education system, including the CIA education syllabus and in-house education programs;
  3. To monitor and manage partner relationships for educational activities delivered through other organizations and universities;
  4. To develop, deliver, and maintain continuing education programs to advance the knowledge of candidates and members;
  5. To establish, communicate, and oversee processes and procedures for monitoring and verifying member compliance with the continuing professional development qualification standard, including procedures for handling cases of non-compliance;
  6. To oversee the process for member declaration of criminal convictions; and
  7. To provide interpretative opinions on the Rules of Professional Conduct, and present recommendations to the Board concerning the repeal, re-enactment, alteration, or addition of rules of professional conduct.


NameRoleStart Date
Alison RoseChair01/07/20186
Bruce JonesVice-Chair01/07/20197
Terence NarineMember01/07/20188
Peter DouglasMember01/07/20188
Stéphane McGeeMember27/03/20198
Jean-François PoitrasMember01/07/20188
Herman TseMember27/03/20198
Stephanie RussellMember01/07/20178
Bruno GagnonMember01/10/20168
Daniel DineMember23/02/20188
David HughesMember27/03/20198
Satnam MacLeanBoard Representative01/07/201922
Marc TardifEx-officio participant01/07/201922
Michel SimardEx-officio participant04/01/201022